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Posted on 10/17/2021
How and When to Apply for a Variance
Government bodies develop zoning regulations to enhance the peaceful enjoyment of every member of a community’s property. These regulations are part of a larger land-use plan that separates commercial, retail and residential areas. Few would disagree that zoning rules prove beneficial in the overall scheme of things. But by that same token, they also represent an encumbrance on...
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Posted on 10/10/2021
3 Ways Renting a Home Can Benefit You
If you’re trying to determine whether it’s better to rent or own a home, it’s crucial to weigh the options regarding your personal situation. Both renting and owning have their advantages and disadvantages, which can even vary from one person to the next. Here are some reasons renting might be the best choice for you: Shorter Contract One...
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Posted on 09/26/2021
Understanding the Difference between Easements & Right of Way
Photo by David McBee from Pexels At some point, you might come across the terms “easement” and “right of way.” These terms both imply another person or entity may have use of your property. As a homeowner or buyer in the market for a home, you’ll want to thoroughly understand both of these terms and how they can...
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Posted on 05/03/2020
What are Florida's Adverse Possession Laws?
Image by bjessica092 from Pixabay If someone uses your property for a set number of years and that person does not have your permission, he or she could end up owning your property. The doctrine of adverse possession allows a squatter to take possession of a property that he or she has been living on after 7 years...
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